3D graphics engineer, Render Programmer, Graphic Programmer в Киеве

Образование: Любое
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Опыт работы: Любой
Город: Киев

Render Programmers - Kiev Office


  Passionate about computer graphics, technology, mathematics, game engine architecture? Want your work to be incorporated in high-profile titles that reach audiences of millions? Want to collaborate with hardware manufactures to secure the best visual and performance experience for our players? Want to have access to technology before it reaches the consumer market? Well, this is what we do at Ubisoft Kiev.

  Our team in Kiev, together with teams from multiple foreign Ubisoft studios, contributes to delivering PC and next-gen experiences for some of the most famous AAA Ubisoft titles.

  We are looking for a 3D graphics engineer with proven track of working with modern rendering technology and good English to join our team

    In case you feel confident that you match the vacancy below, please address us: отправить резюме


What we offer:

  • International, AAA game projects
  • Access to cutting-edge hardware
  • Experience using hottest internally developed game engines
  • Proficient and fun-to-work-with colleagues
  • Opportunity to travel abroad to meet your colleagues from other studios or to participate in international conferences
  • Medical / life insurance
  • English/French courses


What we require:

  • Proven track record of work in OpenGL / Direct3D and rendering algorithms (ideally at least 2 years of work in international game development company);
  • Experience with various game engines;
  • First-hand experience in object-oriented design;
  • Capacity to learn;
  • Commitment, high level of self-management;
  • Advanced level of mathematics;
  • English communication skills

A big advantage will be considered:

  • Previous experience in PC or next-gen development;
  • Cross platform experience;
  • Experience using game development frameworks and middleware.


If you have any pet projects, please, send us the link to your github.com profile.

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Сергей Мелешко
+38(044) 5844927
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