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Контактное лицо: Anna
Телефон: 4928307
Адрес: Киев,

Описание компании

When AES made its first move outside of its home base in the United States, AES acquired AES Kilroot in 1992. A 520 MW dual oil/coal-fired plant located near Belfast, AES Kilroot is the second largest power plant in Northern Ireland, powering approximately 10% of the country’s grid.
In a show of the plant’s commitment to the community and to AES’s value to put safety first, AES Kilroot recently teamed with Mencap, a local charity that provides support for people with learning disabilities, to develop a “near miss” Safety Challenge. As part of the Safety Challenge, people at AES Kilroot are asked to identify and report potential hazards in the workplace. For every “near miss” reported, a donation is made to Mencap—resulting in a win both for the community, and for AES Kilroot. The project was launched in October 2006 and is expected to run until the end of December 2007. AES Kilroot expects to raise more than 6,000 in support of the charity.