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Карточка компании

Контактное лицо: Відділ персоналу
Телефон: +38 (803) 2297125
Адрес: Львов, ул. Научная, 7Г

Описание компании

ELEKS Software is an IT services and product company, headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine. Started in 1991, today Eleks employs over 300 IT engineers and provides its services to organizations in the USA, the UK and continental Europe. We offer the following services: full-range software development, including custom software development, software testing, maintenance and support, migration and re-engineering, and integration services; IT outsourcing; software QA and localization; turn-key solutions for government; solutions for small and medium business; web development and web design. Besides professional IT services, Eleks also offers solutions developed to address the needs of healthcare providers and transportation companies.
The great skill and wide-range experience of our development teams has allowed us to create sophisticated, large-scale and real-time applications for diverse industries, with the main focus on Banking and Finance, e-Government, e-Learning, Healthcare, Entertainment, Power Engineering and Logistics. Our technological expertise covers .NET and Java EE platforms, SharePoint platform, multiplatform C++ development, Oracle and MS SQL database management systems.
Eleks’ successful track record of past projects and the proficiency of its team have become the company’s key credential. Such organizations as Eagle Investment Systems (a subsidiary of the Bank of New York Mellon), Symantec, Government of the States of Jersey trust their projects to Eleks.