Карточка компании

Контактное лицо: HR Department
Телефон: +38(050) 388-90-65
Адрес: м.Київ, Дніпровський район, БУЛЬВАР ПРАЦІ, будинок 2/27

Описание компании

Founded in September 2008, Kuadriga is a Danish owned IT company with Scandinavian management style. Having started as a Microsoft focused company we gradually came to specialize in all areas of software development.

Our core value is building Dedicated Distributed Teams for our clients, be it small start-ups or big corporations. Due to this our client base has considerably expanded over the years and includes customers from Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Our areas of development range from financial systems to software for medical equipment.

In our company people make the difference! We are proud of creating a strong team which comprises 58% .NET developers, 25% Java and 18 % PHP. Having grown from 18 employees in 2009 to 79 in 2011, we hire new person every 10 days.

Culture is the most important sustainable, competitive advantage of our company that sets us apart from other employers. The Kuadriga culture is built on commitment both to customers and employees. It drives every aspect of the company’s success.

Some of our recent achievements are the opening of our own Mobile Department that develops mobile application for our clients and winning the competition “Appy Days 2011” in Denmark for developing high-quality iOS application within 48 hours.

Our employees like working with us because it is …

We value every minute of your free time that’s why our office is conveniently located within 2 minute walk from the subway in a business center with a wide range of facilities (supermarket, coffee place, shops, cinema..)

We care about your comfort. You’re always welcome to use our small but cozy kitchen with yammy cappuccino, as well as visiting Friday’s breakfasts with crispy bakery and juice. We want you to feel free at making decisions and proposing some new ideas.

We strive for providing you with a solid social package – competitive salary, medical insurance, paid vacation and sick leaves. Our performance-related bonuses as well as child/marriage bonuses will keep you on the move! Besides, once every 2 months you have the chance of getting the Certificate of Appreciation. Don’t miss it!

We give you plenty of room for professional growth, be it seminars, workshops, trainings or English courses. In a dynamic, innovative company like ours your professional development is guaranteed.

We believe that a great and productive day at work gives you the right mood and enthusiasm for a great evening at home. We are into entertainment and fun. With our quarterly corporate celebrations and birthday congratulations you’ll never get bored. Watch out! Happiness at work is contagious! We are ready to share it with you. And you?